Są tacy artyści, którzy swoją niesamowitą wrażliwością wkradają się do Waszych głów i nie chcą wyjść – tak właśnie miałam z utworami młodego songwritera i producenta z Yorkshire. „There for you” w wirusowym tempie opanował moją głowę, a ja zaraziłam jego magią moich przyjaciół. Co więcej udało mi się skontaktować z samym zainteresowanym, który specjalnie dla czytelników Popaminy opowiedział o ostatnio opublikowanym kawałku „Know me”, inspiracjach muzycznych i swoim miejscu na Ziemi…

Your songs „Delicate” and „There for you” immediately stole our hearts and we’re eager to see what your next step will be!

Thank you, my latest single ‘Know Me’ came out on the 3rd of February. It’s amazing hearing peoples reaction to my music, I love it. 


You work with young artists on a daily basis on Ont’ Sofa. What or who inspired you to go and create something on your own entirely?

Co-writing for other artists is something that I love to do and it’s taught me a lot. The most important lesson I’ve taken from writing with and for other people is to be brave and honest in your songs. It’s a tough thing to do but once you begin to write honestly and with raw emotion, that’s when your music will connect with people most. 


You create both music and lyrics for your songs by yourself. Which one comes first to your mind – words or the sounds?

I usually start all my songs at the piano, playing around with chords and different melodic ideas. Sometimes a certain chord sequence can evoke a particular emotion or feel, I then take that feeling and ask myself what I want to say in this song, whats the message? Then everything else flows from there!

We hope that „Know me” is a peek into your future LP. What would that first album be like? 

A solo album was never something I thought I’d have the privilege of doing, but the way things are moving at the moment I think it’s just on the horizon. I would like to think that my first album will be very raw and honest lyrically, It’s something that I am pushing self to achieve everyday. Connecting with people through music is such a powerful tool and I never underestimate the energy and the power it has. I’ve already had a small taste of how a song can change someones perspective on life, I want to develop that further and communicate with a much larger community!

All your local projects suggest that you are very proud of your Yorkshire origins. How does that place influence your music?

Yorkshire is a beautiful place with beautiful people. I feel very fortunate to have been brought up in such a grounding place. The countryside is a great place to find clarity and perspective on things. As a young creative who thrives amongst similar minds however it can get a bit isolated sometimes so I’m fortunate to be able to split my time between the city and the hills.

Talking about Yorkshire… tell our readers something more about Little Less Known, project which you co-founded.

Little Less Known is a platform that I started with two good friends of mine; Ben Richards and Sandy Wright. Together we wanted to showcase some of the best independent companies and innovative people around us! This is very much a passion project and we continue to produce high quality video content of people and businesses around Yorkshire and beyond.

What about Yorkshire and its people inspires you the most?

Yorkshire is full of lovely people. We’re renowned for being friendly, down to earth and  willing to muck-in. What you see is what you get! Yorkshire is also a melting pot of incredible talent across all industries and we take great pride in celebrating our exports.

What’s your favourite newly discovered music from the past few weeks?

I work very closely with a band called ‘Talmont’ who are signed to Ont’ Sofa Records. They only have one track out at the moment (Buried In Gold) but they are INCREDIBLE. I remember meeting them at a live session we were filming and I instantly fell in love with their sound, we just had to work with them. I’m fortunate enough to have access to their demos before anyone hears them and their new stuff is amazing. I’m so excited to see how they develop. 

If you could pick any artist in the world, who would you choose to record a song with?

It would be an honour to work with Thirdstory. I love close harmony and have grown up around it all my life. Thirdstory are just pure, raw talent. It would be amazing to work with them. Fingers crossed! 

Do you know any polish artists? Did our music reach you overseas?

I have to be honest…I didn’t know any polish artists off the top of my head! But I will make an effort to check out what Polish music has to offer.

At last the most important question: are you planning to visit Poland?

I asked my manager, he said YES! Hopefully see you soon!!!


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